Saturday, 14 June 2014

Unexpected Guests

There has been a Great White Egret on the Ythan ranging from just north of Newburgh up to at least Inchgeck Island. Reported yesterday by Raymond Duncan, it has  been in the area for a few days before that as a local resident  had noted it previously near Inchgeck in fact. The bird is in fine breeding plumage.
Off the blog area, but also worth a look was the Hoopoe that took up residence in a farm house garden near Mintlaw. Thanks to the hosting family who made visitors feel so welcome.
These pictures taken later evening once the bird was more interested preening in the trees, than in the lawn that it had favoured during the day.

Of some interest was the arrival of more swifts last Sunday. CG reported a few hundred going past Drums area, and by the evening numbers had risen at Meikle Loch from a measly 8 or so , to closer to 100 birds. Numbers have dropped again somewhat, but still more than had been present previously.

Great White Egret, Ythan

Hoopoe, near Mintlaw