Saturday, 21 May 2016

Pacific Golden Plover on Slains Pools 21.5.16

A cracking Summer plumaged Pacific Golden Plover was showing on the main Slains Pool area today.
A tricky ID (from American Golden) this bird showed all the necessary features with: short primary projection (3 primaries only) beyond the long tertials, bold gold spangling in the upperparts, particularly long bill and legs, small slim bodied with relatively large head. White in flanks intermingled with black, and likewise in the undertail and vent. Heard also to call a number of occasions , giving a distinctive if rather muted "chu-it", reminiscent of a distant Spotted Redshank.

The weekend got off to a good start with yesterday a Glossy Ibis being also in the Slains Pools area for a few hours in the evening before there being an increased count of birds at Strathbeg later in the evening.

Otherwise the patch has had a little passerine movement over the last week with a male Red-backed shrike on the 15th, more or less in the village. A different bird to the one previously at the Forvie Centre. |This one showed more grey in the upper-parts.

A young, or perhaps female Marsh Harrier, is frequenting the patch area on and off over the last 6 days.

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